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Apply For Child Care Assistant

Please fill in the information with as much detail as you can. This information will be strongly considered during the application process. This is a way for us to get to know you more.

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Why do you want to work in a daycare center?

How would you discipline a child?

How would you handle a crying baby?

How would you handle a temper tantrum?

How would handle a child having a temper tantrum while the other baby is crying hysterically at the same time? (Happens all the time lol)

How would you approach handling a newly enrolled child who is having a difficult time adjusting to the center?

Describe yourself.

What are some things you feel you need to work on?

Tell us why we should hire you.

Please list your availability and the salary desired.

Is this salary negotiable?

Do loud environments bother you?

Are you sure?

Are you CPR and First Aid Certified?

Do you speak Spanish?

Can you pass a background check?

Do you have a valid driver's license?

Have you ever been in a car accident?

If so, were you determined to be at fault?

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire.