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Our Curriculum

We use a fast paced, developmentally appropriate theme based curriculum designed to meet the needs of each student at their level. Our daily activities are varied, hands-on, fun, and challenging. The students are given a variety of choices and encouraged to achieve their maximum potential.

Daily Activities Include:

• Music
• Math
• Science
• Art
• Language
• Fine motor
• Gross motor
• Story time
• Social skills
• Problem solving
• Explorations
• Dramatic play

Play Activities

Children learn a great deal from our daily play activities. Playing with Play-Doh™, finger painting, singing, or reading books are typical activities your child will be involved in. We strongly believe that children learn by actively participating, and this is why we provide activities that are appropriate for children of all ages.

Outdoor Activities

We try to take the children outside every day for fresh air and exercise. Activities range from sidewalk drawing to planting flowers in the garden. Often we will bundle up and go outside for a few minutes on a cold day. On a warm, sunny day, we may spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy our new playground.

Field Trips

We look forward to taking the children on nature hikes around the neighborhood and park. We plan on taking these trips on a regular basis, and will notify you the morning of, or the day before, as to where and when these trips will take place. The trips will never require a vehicle.