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Daily Schedule

Here is a glimpse of our daily schedule so you can see how your child’s time will be spent at Davis Family Child Care. These times are firm so based on your scheduling, you will know exactly what to expect for your child.

8:00 Breakfast time begins
8:20 Transition time
Clean up
8:30 Circle time
(Stories, Sing-a-longs, Group activities, Music, Games)
9:00 Breakfast time ends
School lessons (15×4)
9:50 Transition time
Clean up
10:00 Free play outside
10:50 Transition time
Clean up
Bathroom time
11:00 Quiet time/Video
11:30 Lunch time begins
11:50 Lunch time ends
Clean up
Bathroom time
12:00-2:30 Nap time
2:30 Wake up time
Bathroom time
2:40 First Snack (Infants,Toddlers)
Clean up
3:00 Art/Music activity/Homework
3:30 Clean up
3:40 Free play Inside/Outside
Second snack (School-age children)
4:40 Transition time
Clean up
Bathroom time
4:50 Games
5:40 Quiet time/Video
Parent pick-up
6:00 Dinner time
6:20 Clean up
6:30 Video time
8:00 Bed time